Tuesday, October 14, 2014

co-sleeping with your baby .. to sleep or not to sleep?.. what is the answer

way before i got pregnant i had decided that i WAS not going to be co-sleeping with my child. you hear all these stories about how the child never wants to leave the bed after sleeping in it ONE time.. also the talk about how co-sleeping makes your child at a higher percentage for SIDS. as parents we all want to be the best we can be and for me that was straight to her bed {crib, well bassinet for the 1st 3 months} to Valentina.

and then..

i gave birth via emergency cesarean section and i was in pain, lots of pain. i couldn't move much the 1st night, Valentina would cry every time i put her down and so began our journey in co-sleeping. back then i didn't realize it but Valentina would prove to be a difficult sleeper.

after we came home i made the living room our bedroom and the couch my bed, my actual bed is a little high, being that i was healing from major surgery getting on a off without was very difficult. the couch was just low enough and wayyy more comfortable then the hospital bed i had been on for 5 days.

the moment Valentina came into this world, the doctor complimented on her good lungs, because boy {or in this case girl} that girl could cry! at home i tried to get her used to her bassinet but she wouldn't have it.. and if having her sleep on my chest was the only way i could rest and recover and both of us rest, then so be it because i was BEAT.

at around 2 months she began to sleep in her bassinet for half the night, when she would wake up for her 4am feeding we would both fall asleep together in bed. at 3 months we transitions her to the crib because she started to turn in the bassinet. again she would sleep half the night in her crib and half with me holding her in bed.

that just became our routine. some nights she goes straight to sleep on our bed some nights she starts at her crib but all nights she ends up in our bed. and that works for us a a family. all kids need something different, she needs to sleep with us and honestly i need to sleep with her and sometimes we have to brake away from what the "social norm" is in order to do what works best for our families..

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