Wednesday, September 19, 2012

uptown madness

getting ready to be on our merry way.

these summer was filled with many great weekends... and this one
 was no exception. we made our way to the newly revamped "la marina".. where leonardo dicaprio was spotted not to long. they really have great views, great food and an awesome vibe. which is what i live for.

after "la marina" closed we walked over to "dyckman bar" which is one of my favorite places uptown. they play really good music and they have one of my favorites drinks in the world, "a ciroc rasberry bellini"!! which are to die for!

i have kinda been getting a but nostalgic about summer leaving and having to wear big winter coats.. but let's enjoy while we can. 2 of the many places uptown that deserve some attention.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

6 "cositas"

USA flag.

i have been feeling very patriotic with labor day and september 11 all so close - and i have really been into red, white and blue as well.. while browsing online for a us flag shirt to wear to my mexico trip i came across these other flag inspired fashion!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years later...

11 years i was a freshman in high school only in my second week of school. it was a beautiful tuesday, smelled just like back to school.

as i made my way to my second class of the day, my professor informed us that there had been an attack at World Trade. to be very honest - i didn't know what to think, i don't think it registered until I heard my father has gone to pick me up at school.

there where so many parents scared for their kids - i couldn't find my dad in the mix.. after some time my best friend and some close friends left the school and went home.. i don't think it had registered at all.

i got home turned on the tv and i couldn't believe my eyes. did this really happen? was i dreaming? it just didn't make sense then.. and it be honest it still doesn't 11 years later.

till this day i hate even say 9-11 together. just makes me cringe. 

but i must say.. as fast and in a hurry as us New Yorkers run we slowed down and realized there is so much more to life. and how lucky we all are to be here. how lucky all those survivors where and all the wonderful heroes we lost.

New Yorkers became much more of unit - i have always and will always be a proud New Yorker but eleven years later i am prouder and i will continue to be and i will hold on those feelings i felt close to my heart.

such a tragic day yet such a triumph at the end.

to all the souls lost but never forgotten. let's have a moment of silence.

Monday, September 10, 2012

i've been living on the train

since starting school again i have had literally no time to breathe! along with planning for mexico{13 days away yeyyyy}, school work, and some freelancing work i have also worked on many new opportunities for this blog!! 

so i am very excited and please stay tuned!!

like juelz santana would say "i'm back like cooked crack!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

time to put away the shorts..

here in new york city it has been getting a little chilly at night and since i started school again last week i find myself good in the classroom in my dresses and skirts.. i think it's almost time to it up...

as i was browsing the web for some new jeans for this season i came across an favorite clothing brand of mine while in high school; buffalo david bitton.. i am really digging there fall 12' collection.. and that skirt to die for!!! 

i am going to take some time this week between classes and stop at macy's over on herald square to try some on. i'll let you know how it goes..

which one is your favorite??