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chikita's cositas blog is a is a personal life and style blog which focuses on my favorite "cositas" about my life, design, fashion, food.. just my life.. 


are you really 4'11? you look tiny in your pictures; how much do you weight? yes i am 4'11 and 1/2 to be exact. i have weighted 105lbs since i was 16. 

why did you name your blog "chikita's cositas"; and what does it mean? i had a retro, indie, vintage online boutique, that i am reopening very soon, by the same name and "chikita's cositas" seems to fit what i am expressing on this blog. "chikita's" means small girl in spanish and "cositas" means things.

are you spanish/latina? yes i am, both my parents where born in the dominican republic; i am dominican american.

are you fluent in spanish? yes i am.

why 6 "cositas"? because 6 is my favorite number.

what do you do for a living? i am primarily a student, but this is a this is a FOR PROFIT blog. i am very lucky to be able to go back to school full time, i also do many social media freelancing gigs when ever they come up. i love working with partners/sponsors to develop relationships and help them expand their brands and share some of my favorite "chikita's" with my readers and the world. i sell banner advertisements as well as host paid giveaways and use affiliate links to make a small commission from sales purchased through those product links. i only post "chikita's" that i genuinely like, have and highly recommend. they are not influenced by advertisers. sometimes i will take on a sponsored post so long as it fits the aesthetic of my lifestyle, blog and my readership. if and when i do a sponsored post it will be clearly noted for all to see.

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